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Paint Protection Film is a thin layer of self-healing film applied over your vehicle paint. This film can protect your vehicle from scratches, minor bumps and scrapes, as well as protects it from UV damage and yellowing effects.

We use only the best PPF available in market with XPEL Paint Protection Film. As one of the few authorized shops in Florida to provide this service, we can help protect your vehicle for years to come.

PPF can preserve your vehicle's value over time and help you protect your investment. We apply this film meticulously to every panel and tuck in the ends to ensure there are no gaps left and your vehicle is fully protected.

Some of the benefits include

Self Healing



Extreme Gloss

No scratch

Scratch Resistant




Partial Front

This covers:
- Partial Hood
- Partial Fenders
- Full Front Bumper
- Mirrors


Full front

This covers:
- Full Hood
- Full Fenders
- Full Front Bumper
- Mirrors

ppf front and side

Track Pack

This covers:
- Full Hood
- Full Fenders
- Full Front Bumper
- Mirrors | A-Pillars | Roof Edge
- Rocker Panels

Full Vehicle

Full protection wrap

This covers:
- Full Hood | Roof | Trunk
- Full Fenders | Quarters
- Full Front | Rear Bumper
- Full Doors | Rocker Panels
- Mirrors | A-Pillars


How does PPF work?

Paint protection film is a thick layer of rubber/plastic compound on top of your paint that absorbs impact from foreign objects and avoids your paint from getting damaged or scratched

What is the difference between PPF and Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl offers very basic protection like hairline scratches but it is not a tough nor durable material. PPF is specifically designed to absorb impact.

Is colored PPF the same as VInyl?

Colored PPF may come with textures or colors but unlike vinyl it offers much more protection.

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