Beat the florida sun

Tired of sun beating down on you during the summer time? Or do you need more privacy in your vehicle?

We offer Nano Ceramic Window Tint at Third Coast Customs!

With over 90% heat rejection and UV Ray blocking effects, our ceramic window tints can help you protect your skin as well as keep your car running cooler

Our Packages

Cool black and white vinyl wrap on Dodge Challenger

Pattern Cutouts

Whether you are looking to have cutout patterns across your wrap or different types of camo vinyls, we can take care of them for you.

Matte black lamborghini huracan

Color Change

From matte to flat colors, we can help transform how your vehicle looks and make it look anew.

Rainbow green vinyl wrap on Mustang Mach 1

Unique Metallic

If you are looking for something unique, this is the option for you. Our specialty metallic wraps include chrome colorations, rainbow, and much more.

Textured green vinyl wrap on Silverado

Textured Wraps

From carbon fiber wraps to textured materials that give your vehicle's body a unique feel, these textured wraps stand out and you are guaranteed to be one of the only ones with it on the road.


What is the difference between Carbon and Ceramic tint?

Ceramic Tint provides further protection from infrared and UV rays to reduce cabin temperature as well as skin protection. Traditional Carbon Tint only provides privacy.

Does ceramic tint actually reduce cabin temperature?

Yes, Ceramic Tint provides heat rejection which will in turn reduce your cabin temperature. This allows you to feel cooler during summer as well as your AC will work significantly less hard.

Do you tint the big tesla panoramic sunroof?

Yes, our shop is fully trained and capable of tinting the panoramic sunroof that some Tesla models have.

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Corvette C8 Front headlight view

Ceramic Coating

Further protect your vehicle from bird-bombs, UV, and enhance its shine with Ceramic Coating.

BMW M4 Competition matte black

Paint Protection Film

We offer specialty Paint Protection Films that come in matte or other color patterns not found elsewhere.

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