November 16, 2023
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If you are thinking about wrapping your car, you probably want to know what effect that may have on your vehicle’s value.

No matter your reason for looking into car wraps, knowing if it could increase or decrease your vehicle’s value is important. In fact, if getting a car wrap will increase the value of your vehicle is actually one of the most frequently asked questions regarding car wraps and this article will answer that question for you!

The effect wrapping your vehicle will have on the value of your car depends on many factors. One of the most concerning factors is that wrapping your vehicle may make many people suspicious. Buyers may very likely assume that you are hiding something under the wrap causing its resale value to drop. You need to consider the fact that car wraps are not permanent, and buyers recognize that sometime in the future, the wrap will need to come off and they have no idea what is under it.

No one wants to drive around a vehicle with paint imperfections, and many find themselves wondering if you can vinyl wrap over faded paint to restore the aesthetic of their vehicle. Although you can make your vehicle look better this way, leaving the wrap on when you go to sell your vehicle because of faded paint may not increase its value. This is because it prevents buyers from knowing the condition of the paint underneath, and they may assume it is worse than it is.

The Buyer’s Personal Tastes

If wrapping your car will increase or decrease its value depends greatly on the personal tastes of the buyer.

There may be a significant increase in the value of your vehicle if the buyer has the same taste as you do. Unfortunately, there isn’t a large chance that a buyer will have the same taste as you, especially if your vehicle’s wrap is something very unique.

This is one of the reasons why nearly all vehicle customization lowers value; because it is tailored to an individual’s taste and no tastes are exactly the same.

The Vinyl Wrap

Since the personal taste of the buyer has such a large impact on how a vinyl wrap will affect a vehicle’s value, the vinyl wrap itself is important.

If the wrap is something more likely to be enjoyed by a large portion of the population, like a high-quality black gloss wrap, you may be able to increase your vehicle’s value with it by a small margin. On the other hand, if you have a wrap that has graphics, is textured, or in a color that isn’t one of the most common vehicle colors, it’s less likely to increase your vehicle’s value.

Instead, it may decrease it. The quality of the wrap along with professional installation also can make the difference between light and day with the value of your car after a wrap job.

If a wrap is applied incorrectly or with a low-quality wrap, not only will it not look as nice and be prone to bubbles and peeling, it can actually damage the paint job underneath. This means that even if you were to remove the wrap, it could still reduce the value of your vehicle.

It is imperative that you have it professionally done by a reputable installer that is certified to install the particular wrap you are getting, like Third Coast Customs Miami

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